Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Finally some food!

Today was a pretty mellow day so I'll keep this short and sweet.  Cohen started getting food around 12pm finally after not having any for almost 24 hours.  He was definitely very fussy in the morning, but who wouldn't be??  At 12 they began to feed him and he will stay on a continuous feed for about 10 days.  We are a little discouraged about that, but the doctors say this will only be for that small amount of time and then we can return to every 3 hour feeds again.  He didn't take to well to the feeds at first but throughout the day improved and is now at his goal of 18ml/hour.

The doctors are starting to talk about discharge which is very exciting, but I'm not getting too excited until it's official!  We have already had 2 different times where we thought he would get to come home and then he started misbehaving so we will hope for the best but there still could be some surprises along the way.

Currently he is resting peacefully in his bed.

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