Friday, January 3, 2014

Purple Wristbands!

It's been a few days since my past post and we are still in the hospital.  With arguing back and forth between nurses and doctors on the Cardiac ICU floor, they finally decided to move us back up to another floor because his cardiac issues are not issues at this time.  So now we are starting to see all colors of the rainbows and have changed out our grey wristbands to purple!  Yeah!

The only issue with moving off of the 15th floor is the nurses instantly become nervous to take on a cardiac patient.  They are very fidgety around him and his monitors are constantly sending off alarms because they are not used to him.  The nurses/doctors are used to their kids breathing at a higher respiratory rate so they change the thresholds the monitors will take before setting off an alarm.  When Ryan was there for the move upstairs and finally was able to convince the nurses to increase his thresholds so that the monitors were not continuously going off.

Also with moving to a different floor comes less urgency to send this guy home.  There are no current goals and it's almost like we are going through the motions.  The GI doctor who was supposed to come by yesterday did not and is planning to come today.

He had an ok night, definitely seems like he is more gassy and possibly constipated but only had one desaturation!

Rotating back and forth, today is my day to sit in the hospital and hopefully get a little pushy.  I walked into his room and he is sleeping quite peacefully and breathing calmly as well.  His nurse entered the room and felt differently saying that he is breathing hard.  I reminded her that he was sent home from the cardiac floor breathing like that and then she stopped talking.  

We will see how today goes, but my goal is to get some questions answered and find out who is in charge around here!

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