Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tummy Time

Yesterday we finally were able to meet again with his doctors after they had been given the list of recommendations from the GI doctor.   They agreed to make all of the necessary changes to his care.  He would be switching formulas, not sure of the name, but this would hopefully help with his gas.  We would also be trying a motility drug (Erythromycin) which would hopefully help with keeping his reflux to a minimum.  This drug is an antibiotic but helps clear out the stomach more quickly to minimize reflux in kids.  They wanted to hold off on upping the quantity of feeds quite yet to give the medicine and other changes time to take effect.

Per Ryan, he had a glorious night of sleep at the hospital which is a first in a while!  Baby and Daddy both woke up refreshed and vitals stayed smooth the entire night.

It is Day 6 of being in the hospital and I'm realizing that time is just flying past me.  He is already 5 weeks going on 6 weeks old and we have yet to do anything to enhance his development.  With having this diagnosis, 22Q, children tend to be slightly delayed in their speech and physical development.  With the odds against him, sitting in a bed over the past 5 weeks has only likely to have added to his delays.  He had his gtube surgery almost 3 weeks ago and since then has been limited to only sitting on his back (in an elevated position).  He sits in his bed or snuggles with us but has pretty much spent most of his life lying in this dingy hospital bed.  After his morning bath, I asked if we could do some tummy time. The nurse verified it was ok with pediatric surgery and we had his FIRST TUMMY TIME at the edge of his hospital bed!  He was so comfy during it he passed out!  Unlike his sister Isla, this little guy may be more comfortable on his tummy than she was.  We lasted for about 10 minutes and he was spent!
Currently he is sleeping off his long workout!  I'm still waiting for doctors to come in and let me know if we can increase his feeds yet to the total goal of 18ml.  Currently he is eating 15ml/hour and though it is only 3 more ml to go, they are concerned that he will not be able to handle the increase.  My main goal is obviously to get this little guy home!  So if we need to make sure we are getting this done properly than I appreciate the concern to move slow; however, every day-hour-minute more we spend here is one less day-hour-minute I get to spend with my baby at home!

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